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Ayrton Magic Panel

Improve heeft haar assortiment uitgebreid met Magic Panels 602 van het topmerk Ayrton. Deze armaturen waren dit jaar groots te zien bij het Songfestival. Met deze uitbreiding van ons creatieve instrumentarium blijft Improve toonaangevend in het creëren van verrassende lichtbeelden… ook op uw podium! Naast gebruik als vette kleuren wash kunnen de individuele pixels ook apart gemapped worden met bijvoorbeeld videobeeld.


First-born in the Creative Solutions family, MAGICPANEL™602 is a modular LED luminaire which delivers a broad range of diverse visual effects. Equipped with continuous unlimited PAN & TILT rotation, it is able to display numbers, letters, graphic effects or images, but it is also a fabulous lighting luminaire which can be used as a dazzling projector. This luminaire integrates the new AYRTON™ technology that allows the individual control of each LED source in expanded Full Colour mode. The display is made up of thirty-six 15 Watt RGBW LED emitters in a 6 x 6 array, fitted with high-output 7.5° 45 mm optics. These offer an overall luminous flux in excess of 14,000 lumen from a maximum power consumption of 600 Watt.
A dazzling projector
The square shape of the panel and perfect alignment of the optics combined with the continuous double rotation movements permit the creation of completely new three-dimensional effects. MAGICPANEL™602 can be used in groups to create rotating screens on the two axes while the robust construction of the luminaire allows its permanent use in vertical position.
Heat management is handled by a sophisticated and particularly quiet cooling system. MAGICPANEL™602, which is particularly intended for the creation of special effects, benefits from extensive line connectivity. It can be controlled by DMX-RDM, Art-Net™ or through the LumenRadio™ DMX-RDM wireless connection.